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5 Automation Mistakes: How to Avoid Them

Posted by Sivia Law on Jul 10, 2019 12:00:00 PM




Businesses cannot go without automation whether it’s a specific department, task, business unit or a process. Automation has several benefits such as cost reduction, increase in productivity, performance and more.

1.Not understanding what to automate

A serious mistake that you should not end up with is not having an understanding about what you’re about to automate. Do you want to automate a specific maintenance task or you like to automate marketing?

You will need to fully understand the process or tasks of automation before you begin.

2. Automating large independent tasks

Businesses end up making a mistake when they end up automating big independent tasks and processes.

Don’t do it.

Its easier to divide tasks into small parts and automate these tiny parts over an extended period. This may seem like a lot of work, but it is the best approach. Automate small repetitive tasks that aren’t strategically important for your business such as email marketing. You can fully automate your business’s email marketing without losing control over your marketing strategy. Once you have solved one specific problem, move to the next.

3.Not taking your team on board

Business will change, and many times it is hard for people to accept. This is where businesses struggle. They adopt automation without taking their team on board. It is your employees who will make or break the deal. There are two critical phases where you need to ensure your team is with you:

  • Testing and implementation of the automated solution
  • Training and adaptation

According to Robert Al-Jaar, the two most critical factors that make any automation successful are executives and managers who love tech and an organizational culture of communication and celebration.

Ask yourself, does your business have these two factors before automation a process?

4. Not Calculating ROI

You will be making a mistake if you are only using automation because everyone else is doing it.

Investing in automation just because it is the latest trend or there is a perfect software to do a specific task is not a great idea.

Don’t invest in automation without calculating its ROI:

  • How much the tool cost?
  • What will be the cost of implementation?
  • What will be its running cost?
  • What will be employee’s training and development cost?
  • Is it efficient than your workforce?

These are a few questions that you should have data-backed answers to.

5. Lack of supervision

This is the simplest and deadliest pitfalls of automation. Businesses lose control, mostly intentionally, of their automated processes. Lack of supervision can make your future competitive advantage automation into your business’s biggest failure.


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