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4 Quick Tips for Spending Less Time On Work

Posted by Sivia Law on Apr 17, 2019 12:06:00 PM




Do you ever wish you could spend less time in the office? In this post, there are a few tips to help you finish work quickly and efficiently.

1. Work during your most productive hours

  • Working when you are alert, awake and full of energy will make time pass quickly and easily. If you are trying to be productive and you are not in the mind set you will be struggling through every minute and work will drag on for many unnecessary hours.
  • When you are feeling energetic and alert, you should keep in mind the type of work you are doing. You may fly through your administrative work in the morning or run through your errands quickly in the early afternoon.
  • Once you know what works best for you, you will can adjust your work approach as necessary.

2. Create time-saving work solutions

  • There will be certain tasks that may occur in your schedule, but physical tasks hardly change.
  • You might need to recall what bills need to be paid, a certain format for a writing report or a quarterly report for your company’s servers.
  • It will make things easier for you to create a document template or a checklist for a time-saving solution.

3. Stop whining…and start doing.

  • Complaining about the work that we must get done takes longer than doing the actual work. Whining and complaining are common forms of procrastination. We will say how much we dislike something multiple times and convince ourselves that it will take 5 months to complete.
  • You should be able to express the way that you are feeling, but you shouldn’t let the way you currently feel to consume your life.
  • When things start to get tough, take five minutes to let out your frustrations. Take a few deep breaths and clear your mind. Set a certain time aside, pull out your work and do what needs to be done.

4. Divide and conquer tasks.

  • Dividing work among people is practical. When you divide up the work it decreases the amount of time that any one person must complete at a point in time for a specific project. Work will be completed quickly and efficiently. You will be able to complete a task with colleagues

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